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How to open a PPF (Public Provident Fund) account?

The Public Provident Fund/PPF Scheme was begun by the National Savings Organization in 1968 to advance little reserve funds and ventures. The Scheme offers a speculation choice with nice returns together with pay tax breaks under Section 80C. In this article, we'll take a gander at the procedure associated with opening a PPF account.

1. Qualification for opening a PPF account 

1. Just an Indian occupant can open a PPF account. 

2. An individual can open just a single PPF account. 

3. NRIs who had opened the PPF account while they were occupant Indians can work the record until 15 years with no alternative for augmentation. 

4. Minors can open a PPF account dependent on a lawful age evidence. 

5. HUFs can't open PPFs after thirteenth May 2005. All PPF account preceding this date can be worked till the development time of 15 years without any augmentations. 

2. Steps to open a PPF account 

A PPF record can be opened in just assigned bank offices of SBI and its auxiliaries, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank. 

Different banks where you can open a PPF account incorporate 

HDFC Bank, Central Bank of India, Bank of India (BOI), IDBI, Central bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Indian Overseas Bank, and few others. 

Following are the archives required to open a PPF account : 

1. PPF Account opening structure accessible at the bank office or the Indian Post entrance. 

2. ID confirmation that incorporates any of the accompanying: 

a) PAN card 

b) Driving permit 

c) Voter ID card 

d) Passport 

e) Aadhaar Proof 

For online applications, there are isolated strategies for every one of the banks however the essential documentation and accommodation of use will continue as before. 

3. Address evidence, which can be any of the accompanyings: 

a) Telephone bill 

b) Electricity bill 

c) Ration card 

d) Aadhaar Card 

4. Two current identification measure photos 

5. Pay-in-slip at the bank office to exchange the sum to your PPF account or a marked check for your PPF account. 

6. For a minor, a birth declaration may likewise be required as an age verification 

It would be ideal if you take note of that all archives must act naturally bore witness to and firsts must be taken while opening the record. 

3. Advantages of opening a PPF account 

1. Hazard free Interest rate: An appealing financing cost of 8% with a plan supported by the Central Government 

2. Aggravated loan cost: The financing cost on PPF is intensified every year. Intrigue is paid on the 31st of March each year. 

3. Expense Deduction: Deductions under segment 80C at Rs 1.5 lacs on interest in the PPF account. 

4. Great long-haul venture of 15 years 

5. Advances against PPF balance: Loans can be benefited between the third to the sixth budgetary year 

6. Low Investment token: Deposit Amount ranges from at least Rs.500 to a most extreme Rs.1,50,000 in one budgetary year 

7. Augmentation of a PPF account: Account can be reached out in a square time of 5 years after development 

8. Withdrawal Facility: Partial withdrawal office can be profited from the seventh budgetary year onwards. 

4. Financing costs of PPF 

The accompanying table speaks to the financing cost set by the Central Government in the ongoing past.

Financial Year
Interest rate (Per Annum)
2016 – 2017
2015 – 2016
2014 – 2015
2013 – 2014
2012 – 2013
2011 – 2012
2010 – 2011
2009 – 2010
2008 – 2009
2007 – 2008
2006 – 2007
2005 – 2006
5. PPF represent a minor 

A PPF record can be opened by a parent in the interest of his/her tyke. Both the guardians can't open a different PPF represent a similar tyke. An individual can consequently open one PPF account for every minor offspring of whom he/she is the watchman. 

Grandparents are not allowed to open a PPF for their grandkids when the guardians of the minor are as yet alive. 

Birth Certificate is additionally an archive required for minors as an age verification. 

6. Rundown of all structures in a PPF account 

The accompanying table speaks to every one of the structures which are identified with the PPF account.

List of Forms
Nature of the Form
Form AFor opening a Public Provident Fund account
Form BFor making deposits in the PPF account and repaying the loans against the PPF account
Form CFor partial withdrawals from the PPF account
Form DTo apply for a loan against the PPF account
Form EAdding a nominee for the PPF account
Form FChanging the nomination for the PPF account
Form GFor claiming of funds in  a PPF account by a nominee or the legal heir
Form HFor extending the maturity of the PPF account (1 or 5 years)
7. Pre-Mature conclusion of PPF account 

Untimely conclusion of PPF account is permitted simply after fulfillment of 5 years with the end goal of therapeutic treatment of relatives, and for advanced education of just the PPF account holder. The untimely conclusion accompanies a loan fee punishment of 1%. 

8. Exchange of a PPF account 

The PPF record can be exchanged to some other branch or some other bank or Post Office on the demand of the PPF account holder. This administration is for nothing out of pocket. 

Stage 1 – Approach the bank or mail station branch where the PPF account is held and request the vital frame to be filled. 

Stage 2 – The current bank will at that point forward the ensured duplicate of the record, assignment shape, the record opening application, and example signature alongside the check/dd for the exceptional sum in the PPF record to the new bank at the branch indicated by the client. 

Stage 3 – Once the new bank office or mail station gets these records, they will illuminate and will request that you present another PPF account opening structure alongside the old PPF passbook. Another candidate can be submitted too. 

Stage 4 – Check in a long time that the exchanged PPF account presently appears under the PPF account tab/connect in the sign in of your web managing an account id, on the off chance that not, ask at the nearby bank office or the neighborhood post office branch. 

9. Inactivation and Reactivation of PPF account 

Cash must be kept or contributed every year to keep a PPF account dynamic. The base prerequisite of Rs.500 ought to be met each money related year, on the off chance that not, the PPF account from that budgetary year is esteemed dormant. 

Advance office can't be benefited when the PPF account is latent. 

To reactivate the PPF account a record holder needs to pay a punishment of Rs.50 every time of inactivation and the base sum total for each inert year too. 

For instance, if the record has been inert from year 4 to year 7 and now in the event that we need to reactivate the record in year 8, a punishment of Rs 50 for a long time must be paid ie Rs 200 (Rs 50*4 years). 

Store sum – Rs 500 * 4 years = Rs 2000 should be saved also alongside the punishment of Rs 200. 

10. Expense suggestions on a PPF account 

PPF falls under EEE (Exempt, Exempt, Exempt) impose container. Ventures into the PPF account are qualified for tax breaks under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, for up to a greatest of 1.5 lacs per annum. The aggregate sum got upon development and the premium earned are both exempted from pay assess. Commitments to the PPF records of the life partner and kids are additionally qualified for assessment finding.


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