Complete EPF Interest Rates Calculation and Division of EPF Contribution

Employee Provident Fund is essential for all the Private Sector Working Employees to secure their Retirement Life. Earlier we have discussed How to Register for UAN Number and after that, we have gone through UAN Activation Procedure. Now In this Post, we are going to Discuss Complete EPF Interest Rates Calculation and EPF Contribution in Employees PF Account because Majority of the Workers doesn’t know How to Calculate their EPF Interest.

Currently, the Interest Rate is 8.65% on EPF contributions made by the employer and the employee. To know the EPF Calculation first we have to Understand PF Distribution Structure.

Division of EPF Contribution for Employee

EPF Contribution is divided into Two Parts.

  1. Employee Contribution
    • It’s Deducted from Employee’s Salary every Month. This is 12% of the basic salary of the employee.
  2. Employer Contribution
    • The contribution made by the employer also is 12% of the basic salary of the employee. But this 12% is further subdivided into the five Parts –
      • Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF) – 3.67%
      • EPF Admin Charges – 1.10%
      • EDLIS Admin Charges – 0.01%
      • Employee’s Pension Scheme (EPS) – 8.33%
      • Employee’s Deposit Link Insurance Scheme (EDLIS) – 0.50%

Above Listed Contribution of Employee and Employer is only Applicable when the Employee’s Basic Salary Plus DA(Dearness Allowance) is Equal or Less than Rs.15000. If Employee’s Basic Salary and DA is Greater than Rs.15000 than there are 3 Possibilities.

  • An employer may restrict your Contribution in PF as 12%.
  • An employer may restrict your contribution as well as the company’s to Rs.15,000 per Year.
  • An Employer may contribute towards EPF an amount equal to employee’s own contribution.

EPF Calculation Example

Let us take an example of Ram who has recently joined a new Company in the month of January. Let’s assume his monthly salary Rs.10,000 (Basic + DA). Now We can Calculate EPF Contribution by Employer with Current Interest Rates.

Month Employee Contribution (Monthly) (12%) Employer Contribution (3.67%) Balance at the end of month Interest Rate Calculation
January 1200 367 1567 (1200+367=1567) Not Applicable because He just Joined.
February 1200 367 1567+1567 = 3134 1567*8.75%/12 = Rs.11
March 1200 367 3134+1567 = 4701 3134*8.75%/12 = Rs.22
April 1200 367 4701+1567 = 6268 4701*8.75%/12 = Rs.34.27
May 1200 367 6268+1567 = 7835 6268*8.75%/12 = Rs.45.70
June 1200 367 7835+1567 = 9402 7835*8.75%/12 = Rs.57.13
July 1200 367 9402+1567 = 10969 9402*8.75%/12 = Rs.68.55
August 1200 367 10969+1567 = 12536 10969*8.75%/12 = Rs.79.98
September 1200 367 12536+1567 = 14103 12536*8.75%/12 = Rs.91.40
Total EPF Balance at the end of the year 10,800 3303 14103+1567 = 15670 410.03

From the Table We can see that on Rs.10000 Monthly Salary Employee Contribution at the Rate of 12% in Total is Rs.10800, Employer Contribution at 3.67% Rate is Rs.3303 Total Interest is Rs.410.03 in 9 Months.

Note:- Here EPF Contribution Calculation is Calculated in Rs. 10000 Basic+DA Income but if the Salary of Employee is Greater than Rs. 15000 then total Amount at the End will Change but the Calculation method and Contribution Structure remains Same.

New Rules in EPF Contribution

  • According to new PF rules in EPF Contribution, all employees with earning salary less than Rs.15,000 are supposed to be provided mandatory EPF by employers. Earlier, the limit was Rs.6,500. 
  • Latest Minimum pension per month for retired employees now stands at Rs.1000. This amount is applicable to widow pension. Children pension is fixed at Rs.250 minimum and for orphans, it is Rs.750 per month.
  • EPS contribution now stands at Rs.1250 as against the existing Rs.541 which the employers were mandated to pay earlier. The insurance coverage has been increased to Rs.3 lacs from a previous value of Rs1.56 lacs per employee.

History of EPF Interest Rates

Let’s have a Look at EPF Interest Rates History over the Last Few Years

Year/Period Interest Rate (p.a.)
1952 – 1955 3.00%
1955 – 1957 3.50%
1957 – 1963 3.75%
1963 – 1964 4.00%
1964 – 1965 4.25%
1965 – 1966 4.50%
1966 – 1967 4.75%
1967 – 1968 5.00%
1968 – 1969 5.25%
1969 – 1970 5.50%
1970 – 1971 5.70%
1971 – 1972 5.80%
1972 – 1974 6.00%
1974 – 1975 6.50%
1975 – 1976 7.00%
1976 – 1977 7.50%
1977 – 1978 8.00%
1978 – 1979 8.50%
1979 – 1981 8.25%
1981 – 1982 8.50%
1982 – 1983 8.75%
1983 – 1984 9.15%
1984 – 1985 9.90%
1985 – 1986 10.15%
1986 – 1987 11.00%
1987 – 1988 11.50%
1988 – 1989 11.80%
1989 – 2000 12.00%
2000 – 2001 12.00% – till June 200111.00% – From July 2001
2001 – 2004 9.50%
2004 – 2005 9.50%
2005 – 2010 8.50%
2010 – 2011 9.50%
2011 – 2012 8.25%
2012 – 2013 8.50%
2013 – 2015 8.75%
2015 – 2016 8.8%
2016 – 2017 8.65%

6 Ways to Check PF Account Balance Including Online and Offline

Over the last few years, EPFO Portal have to Introduce Many Features. Earlier the many facilities like Checking PF Claim Status, PF Balance Check, UAN Passbook etc isn’t available. The employee has to register Manually/Offline for UAN Number. Now Anyone can directly apply for UAN Number and Activate their UAN Number at New UAN Unified Portal.

Earlier We have Seen that Latest PF Withdrawal rules. Before You withdraw your PF Balance You need to know PF Withdrawal Rules and Regulation to avoid any Mistakes at withdrawal time. (Note: – PF Withdrawal before Completion of Retirement is not a Good Idea.)

Now Let’s Take a Look at Various Method to Check PF Account Balance.

Check PF Balance Via SMS

This method is one of the Easiest Method so Far. In this Method, You only Need to Send one Message/SMS to Given Number. To check PF Balance Via SMS Type EPFOHO UAN ENG and Send it to 7738 299 899 Number.

NOTE: – You have to send the SMS from Your Register Mobile Number Only.

Once You send the SMS within few Minutes You will get Reply from EPF Portal regarding your PF Balance.In that, You can Check your Current PF Balance.

Check PF Balance by Call

This is again an Offline Method to check PF Balance. In this Method, You need to do Miss call to 011 2290 1406 Number from Your REGISTERED MOBILE NUMBER and You will get a reply within few Minutes.

Check PF Balance Online at New Unified Portal

We don’t know If you Notice or not But UAN portal has Change the Process to Check and Download PF Passbook. Recently they have changed the Look of Portal and they Design new portal to Download PF Passbook.

To check PF Balance at New Unified Portal Go to ->

At Login Page Simply Type your 12 Digit UAN Number and Password and Hit Enter to see your EPF Passbook.

In this Passbook You can able to check your PF Balance, Monthy Contribution of your Employer and your’s etc. By this way, you can also get to know that whether Your Employer is Contributing his Part or not.

Check PF Balance Using EPF Application

If You don’t want to Login every time at UAN Portal then You can use this Method to check your PF balance. EPFO has to Launch their Application that is Providing many services like UAN Registration, UAN Activation, and PF Balance Inquiry. You can Download that EPF Official Application from Google Play Store and Download your EPF e-passbook to check your Current PF balance.

Check PF Balance using UAN Number

This Method is Similar to the Online method. In this method first, you have to Activate your UAN number and then use that Number to Download our PF Passbook at new Unified Portal. You can also download full statement month wise.

Check PF Balance by activating Mobile SMS Facility

Now, this Method is Very Effective. In this Method You don’t need to do SMS, Call or Login to anywhere You just have to register your Mobile number at EPFO Portal and you have to Activate SMS Service of PF balance status. By doing this Whenever Your Employer will Add your PF Money to your EPF Account you will get Message from EPFO Portal about Contribution of Money at Particular Month.

So this is the Different Method to Check PF Balance. You can use any method as per your concern.

Step by Step Guide to Download EPF e-Passbook Online

What is EPF e-Passbook?

Employee Provident Fund is a Retirement Scheme which Helps to Save Some Money for Employee every Month. Before few Years when EPFO Portal hasn’t started new Features Like UAN Activation, UAN Registration and Method to Check EPF Claim Status it’s Difficult to Trace EPF Balance. But After EPFO New Login Portal Employee can Download their EPF Passbook Online easily.

In this Post, we are Going to discuss How one can Trace their EPF Balance and download EPF Passbook Online.

How to Generate EPF e-Passbook?

In Order to Download EPF Passbook, You have to Register at EPFO Portal first. for that Check-Out – EPFO Registration Process before You Move Furthure. You will be required following Details at the time of Registration.

  • Your Working Mobile number(To get Alert SMS)
  • Your PAN number
  • Your Aadhar Card number
  • National Population Register number (Optional)
  • Your Bank account number
  • Your Voter ID
  • Your Driving license
  • Passport number
  • Ration Card number
  • Your name as on the official documents
  • Email ID

After filling the form You will get one Message that Your Registration with EPFO Portal has Successfully Completed. Now you can Login to Your EPF Account.

Apart from EPF You also have to Register for UAN Number because UAN number is essential to Update all KYC Details with your EPF Account. UAN Number will also help you to Link all your EPF Account Under one Umbrella. So, First Do UAN Registration Process, Then Activate Your UAN Number.

After Successfully Activation Of UAN number Login to UAN Portal to Download Your UAN Card which Contains Your UAN Number.

How to Download EPF e-Passbook?

EPF Passbook

  • As Seen in Above Image Enter your 12 Digit UAN Number and Password in Next Box.
  • Hit Enter and You can See New Page like Given Below.

EPF E-Passbook

  • Click On the Number Tab and You will See one PDF Will Open. YES! that’s Your EPF Passbook.
  • Download Your Passbook and Crosscheck all the Details whether Your Employer is Contributing to Your EPF Account or not.

Check PF Balance Online and Offline – UAN Portal

Employee provident fund is an essential part of any employee’s life. Knowing your provident fund balance amount helps you in many ways like it keeps you updated on the amount of your savings every Month. You may want to withdraw your pf amount partially. In case you want to avail a loan against your EPF amount, the quick online pf balance check facility is very helpful. 

EPF is also known as a retirement benefits scheme for Employee and Employer. Before EPFO Online Portal the task to check PF Balance is lengthy and time-consuming but with time EPFO has made Process Easy and Fast by Introducing Online PF Checking Facility. Now anyone can check their PF Balance Online and also Offline.

How to Check EPF Balance Online?

Check EPF Balance Online

  • Now Select Second Option in SERVICE Section Given as “MEMBER PASSBOOK”.

EPF Passbook

  • Noe Enter your UAN Number and Password. (In case If you Forget Your Password You can Set New Password at UAN Unified Portal)
  • Now Click on View Passbook Tab to Check your PF Balance.

How to Check EPF Balance Offline?

In Offline Method You can Check EPF Balance in 2 ways:

  1. Check EPF Balance Via Mobile/Missed Call.
  2. Check EPF Balance Via Sending SMS.
  • To check EPF Balance Via Mobile You just have to do Missed call at 011-22901406. Once this will Done than You will get one SMS within Few Minutes about your EPF Balance Information. (NOTE: – To avail this Offer you need to Update your KYC Detail with EPFO Portal)
  • To check your EPF Balance via SMS Use this Format 
    • The format of SMS to Check EPF Balance is – EPFOHO UAN ENG.

      The number to Receive SMS of EPF Balance – 7738 299 899.

Check EPF Balance Using EPF Mobile App

The EPFO has launched the mobile application (GET EPF MOBILE APP) that can get downloaded easily. The app provides important information about the PF account status and you can activate the UAN through this App. The same app can get used by the employer and the employee.

Check EPF Balance

The employer can check the status of their PF contribution and the pensioners can check the EPF pension status. You can download the EPF app from the app store such as the “Google App Store“.

PF Withdrawal Claim Status | PF Transfer | EPFO Portal

Track EPF claim status online

In Earlier Article, we have seen that How one can check pf claim status Online. So in this post, we are going to discuss How to Track EPF Claim Status Online. EPFO (Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation) has made it easier to check the claim status online. It has digitised the EPFO portal. Through this portal, you can get your claim status instantly in few steps. 

We Highly recommend you before checking EPF Claim Status You should also Check New PF Withdrawal Rules. Then You should Go for Online Transfer Claim Portal to check pf Status and pf balance.

What are the things required to track your claim status?

In order to track your claim status, you only need to know the following information:

• Your EPF account number.

• EPF regional office of your employer (You Need to Select Your State and Regional Office)

• Establishment/Company Code and Extension Code.

New Format of EPF Account Number

New Region Code / EPFO Office code / Establishment code / EPF account number is the new format. For example – RH / KOT / 1234567 / 1234567. RH denotes for Rajasthan, KOT for Kota PF office, 1234567 stands for Establishment code & 7654321 is your EPF account number.

How to Check EPF Claim Status Online?

In Order to check EPF Claim Status without Visiting EPF Office, Just Follow this Simple Steps.

  • In the First Step Open EPFO website.
  • IN the EPFO Portal Click on ‘For Employees’ under the ‘Our Services’ section.

EPFO Claim Status

  • Click on ‘Know Your Claim Status’ under the ‘Services’ section.
  • In the next page, click on ‘Click Here for Knowing the Claim Status’.
  • A new page will open with a single field where you select the state of PF office.

EPFO Claim Status

  • In the next page, you will see a list of EPFO offices in the selected city.
  • Select the EPF office where the claim is to be settled from a drop down menu.
  • Once you have selected the relevant office, the Office Code and Region Code sections will get filled automatically with relevant data.
  • Next, you need to type in the establishment code of your employer in the 3rd box. This code is maximum 7 digits.

EPFO Claim Status

  • If there is any extension or sub-code for the establishment code, you need to fill it in the 4th box. If there is no extension or sub-code, you can leave the field blank.
  • Next, fill in your account number which is a maximum of 7 digits long in the 5th box.
  • Before Pressing ENTER Recheck all the fields and click on submit.
  • So, Now You can view your EPF claim status.

Features of Online EPF Claim Status

  • You Don’t need to Visit EPF Office to Check Your Claim Status. You can Check your pf claim Status Online. The only thing you need is your UAN Number.
  • Fast and Simple Process.
  • You can check your PF Balance after activating UAN Number.