Check EPF Balance through SMS in few Simple Steps

EPF aka Employee Provident Fund is Administrated and Transferred by the Concerned Authority Known as Employee Provident Fund Organisation of India (EPFO). An Employer which Provides Employment to their Worker to make their both hands meet need to register for EPFO to provide their Workers EPF Benefits. For that Kindly check out our Previous Post about How an Employer can Register for EPFO. Note that EPFO is governed by the Government under the Labour and Employment Ministry of India.

We have witnessed Technological Advancement in this time period. Earlier There isn’t any facility check EPF Balance but today there are Many Ways to Check PF balance via different Methods. So, without wasting your time we will come to the Point of How You can check your EPF Balance by Sending a Simple Message.

Process to Check EPF Balance Through SMS

There are Mainly 2 ways to check EPF Balance: Online and Offline. This is Offline Method to check PF Balance through SMS. If you don’t have any Internet Facility and residing in Suburban Areas than you can Use this method to check your EPF Balance.


EPF Balance SMS Request Number – 7738 299 899

This Method supports total 10 Language:: Hindi, English, Gujarati, Tamil, Punjabi, Telugu, Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada and Bengali. But all the Language has Different Code as listed bellow:

Language Language Code
English ENG
Hindi HIN
Bengali BEN
Gujarati GUJ
Marathi MAR
Malayalam MAL
Kannada KAN
Punjabi PUN
Tamil TAM
Telugu TEL

To avail SMS facility you require a valid/Registered UAN Number and Proper KYC Details. Once You will send the SMS EPFO will send you the Employee Details like Your KYC Status, Last EPF Contribution and Latest EPF Balance in addition to the date of birth.

Miss Call Number to check PF Balance Instantly

This is also an Offline method to check pf balance. In this Method, you need to Give one Miss call on 011 22901406 Number. It’s a Toll-Free Number and No Charge is applicable for this.

The Main reason why this Method works best because in SMS is chargeable but Miss call is tall Free. It’s Fast and easy no need to type. You also don’t need any EPF Application to open and login to your UAN Profile to check EPF Balance. This feature comes under EPF’s e-SEWA Facility.

Here Note one thing that These Methods have only been used by those who have Active UAN Number. The only disadvantage of this Method that Sometimes Miss call method won’t Work. So at that time, you need to look after for other alternatives.

Requirments to check PF Balance

You have to look after this Points before checking PF Balance.

  • You have a Valid UAN Number.
  • Your UAN Number should Activated.
  • You need to send the SMS from Registered Mobile Number.
  • Your KYC Details Need to be Updated with Your Aadhar and PAN Details.

Importance to monitor EPF Balance Time to Time

It is very important to check EPF Balance Regulaery because there are many reasons:

  • Many times it happens that Your Employer forgets to contribute their share in your EPF account at this time it is required to trace the Process whether Employer is contributing or not.
  • It is your Retirement Savings and One of the Biggest saving of your Life.So you have to have enough idea that How much balance is there in your account. Is your Employer is contributing their Part or not and You can also get a clear idea about How much Interest you are Getting on the total amount.
  • Sometimes you forget the EPF Credential because it’s possible that you are not Active about epf news so it’s better to check your account time to time and If possible provide your KYC detail like Link your Aadhar Card, PAN card, Driving Licence and other ID Proof with EPF Portal. It will help you at the end time when you want to withdraw your EPF money after retirement.

So this is the Main reasons to check PF Balance regularly. You can also check out our previous Post regarding 6 Ways to Check EPF Balance and If you haven’t Activated your UAN they first you need to Register and Activate your UAN Number as soon as possible.

If you still have any doubts feel free to comment down below we will try to solve your Queries as soon as possible and Share this Post to aware your friends to help them.

6 Ways to Check PF Account Balance Including Online and Offline

Over the last few years, EPFO Portal have to Introduce Many Features. Earlier the many facilities like Checking PF Claim Status, PF Balance Check, UAN Passbook etc isn’t available. The employee has to register Manually/Offline for UAN Number. Now Anyone can directly apply for UAN Number and Activate their UAN Number at New UAN Unified Portal.

Earlier We have Seen that Latest PF Withdrawal rules. Before You withdraw your PF Balance You need to know PF Withdrawal Rules and Regulation to avoid any Mistakes at withdrawal time. (Note: – PF Withdrawal before Completion of Retirement is not a Good Idea.)

Now Let’s Take a Look at Various Method to Check PF Account Balance.

Check PF Balance Via SMS

This method is one of the Easiest Method so Far. In this Method, You only Need to Send one Message/SMS to Given Number. To check PF Balance Via SMS Type EPFOHO UAN ENG and Send it to 7738 299 899 Number.

NOTE: – You have to send the SMS from Your Register Mobile Number Only.

Once You send the SMS within few Minutes You will get Reply from EPF Portal regarding your PF Balance.In that, You can Check your Current PF Balance.

Check PF Balance by Call

This is again an Offline Method to check PF Balance. In this Method, You need to do Miss call to 011 2290 1406 Number from Your REGISTERED MOBILE NUMBER and You will get a reply within few Minutes.

Check PF Balance Online at New Unified Portal

We don’t know If you Notice or not But UAN portal has Change the Process to Check and Download PF Passbook. Recently they have changed the Look of Portal and they Design new portal to Download PF Passbook.

To check PF Balance at New Unified Portal Go to ->

At Login Page Simply Type your 12 Digit UAN Number and Password and Hit Enter to see your EPF Passbook.

In this Passbook You can able to check your PF Balance, Monthy Contribution of your Employer and your’s etc. By this way, you can also get to know that whether Your Employer is Contributing his Part or not.

Check PF Balance Using EPF Application

If You don’t want to Login every time at UAN Portal then You can use this Method to check your PF balance. EPFO has to Launch their Application that is Providing many services like UAN Registration, UAN Activation, and PF Balance Inquiry. You can Download that EPF Official Application from Google Play Store and Download your EPF e-passbook to check your Current PF balance.

Check PF Balance using UAN Number

This Method is Similar to the Online method. In this method first, you have to Activate your UAN number and then use that Number to Download our PF Passbook at new Unified Portal. You can also download full statement month wise.

Check PF Balance by activating Mobile SMS Facility

Now, this Method is Very Effective. In this Method You don’t need to do SMS, Call or Login to anywhere You just have to register your Mobile number at EPFO Portal and you have to Activate SMS Service of PF balance status. By doing this Whenever Your Employer will Add your PF Money to your EPF Account you will get Message from EPFO Portal about Contribution of Money at Particular Month.

So this is the Different Method to Check PF Balance. You can use any method as per your concern.

Check PF Balance Online and Offline – UAN Portal

Employee provident fund is an essential part of any employee’s life. Knowing your provident fund balance amount helps you in many ways like it keeps you updated on the amount of your savings every Month. You may want to withdraw your pf amount partially. In case you want to avail a loan against your EPF amount, the quick online pf balance check facility is very helpful. 

EPF is also known as a retirement benefits scheme for Employee and Employer. Before EPFO Online Portal the task to check PF Balance is lengthy and time-consuming but with time EPFO has made Process Easy and Fast by Introducing Online PF Checking Facility. Now anyone can check their PF Balance Online and also Offline.

How to Check EPF Balance Online?

Check EPF Balance Online

  • Now Select Second Option in SERVICE Section Given as “MEMBER PASSBOOK”.

EPF Passbook

  • Noe Enter your UAN Number and Password. (In case If you Forget Your Password You can Set New Password at UAN Unified Portal)
  • Now Click on View Passbook Tab to Check your PF Balance.

How to Check EPF Balance Offline?

In Offline Method You can Check EPF Balance in 2 ways:

  1. Check EPF Balance Via Mobile/Missed Call.
  2. Check EPF Balance Via Sending SMS.
  • To check EPF Balance Via Mobile You just have to do Missed call at 011-22901406. Once this will Done than You will get one SMS within Few Minutes about your EPF Balance Information. (NOTE: – To avail this Offer you need to Update your KYC Detail with EPFO Portal)
  • To check your EPF Balance via SMS Use this Format 
    • The format of SMS to Check EPF Balance is – EPFOHO UAN ENG.

      The number to Receive SMS of EPF Balance – 7738 299 899.

Check EPF Balance Using EPF Mobile App

The EPFO has launched the mobile application (GET EPF MOBILE APP) that can get downloaded easily. The app provides important information about the PF account status and you can activate the UAN through this App. The same app can get used by the employer and the employee.

Check EPF Balance

The employer can check the status of their PF contribution and the pensioners can check the EPF pension status. You can download the EPF app from the app store such as the “Google App Store“.